About Us

There were numerous sources we could read about the big business, corporates, entreprenuers, known faces. We were always intrested in knowing about the unknown businesses that we saw in daily life. One we have been part of yet we do not realize and know the behinds. We focus on bringing these micro business stories. We believe these are the stories that a common person can relate to. That is what Bizonomics Buzz is all about.

Often times we innovate something and then after a while realize that, what we have innovated is going no where. Mostly this happens in youth age, when a person wants to try thing yet not knowing the economics behind it. That is what Innovation/Investment and Economics Boot Camp is all about. 

We also intend to bring out magazines in future which will be collection of micro business stories. One that might not excel a lavish life style but is good enough to earn bread and butter to families. 

Our Mission

Making people aware of economics behind the work

Our Vision

World where people know economics behind their act 

Our Plan

Brining out micro business stories and hosting sessions