Environmental Champions 2020

Application Deadline: Feb 20, 2020

Event Date: Feb 28, 2020 , Venue: Himalayan Climate Initiative, Budanilkantha



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Bizonomics provides knowledge about the business news, economics news & other influencial news that affect the business & economic of the nation. We provide the service for those interested people who are willing to gain collective information from various fields that has influence on the business sector. This collective information is provided by our Bizonomics magazine. We focus on providing our three major products which includes; Bizonomics magazine; Bizonomics Buzz; Investment & Economics Bootcamp & one service sector where Business Development focuses on aiding companies for developing their business level. Bizonomics Buzz is a platform for sharing stories about how an individual’s role plays in society. Investment & Economics Bootcamp is about providing awareness to the limitless possibilities of investment in various markets.Our aim is to aspire others to get indulged in business sector and provide support for the development of the individuals business organization by finding a new way to maximize their profits.

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A financially literate society 

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Spreading financial litreacy 

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A financial revolution