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Whenever I went to bank for depositing money, I used to meet a friendly sister at the cabin, generally I talked to her regarding the bank issues, the ambience and few other transaction details. After a while Upon my later visit I came to know that she had already left working in the bank.

A year later, I was strolling around in late evening feeling hungry and I saw a small restaurant, while entering I saw the same sister whom I saw in the bank. I was curious, how she was indulged in the restaurant, and she recognized me right after I saw her. She asked, “You are the same brother that I saw in the bank, aren’t you?”. “Yes, how come you are here?” I replied. 

After that it was all about her and her life experience; 
Mrs. Amita lives in Dhalku, Kathmandu and comes to Purano Baneshwor to open up her restaurant every early morning. Previously, she used to work in a bank. Soon after which she got married which was followed by her maternal leave. This leave period turned out to be a golden period not just because she had beautiful child in her hand, but an effective idea generation in her mind. While working in bank the work was hectic, little or no time for lunch break was given to employee depending upon the work pressure. Lunch boxes were ordered on monthly basis. However, the box was deemed neither healthy nor satisfying. 

This was the market she wanted to work on. To provide services for the such companies she started online lunch box business. She used to provide order-based delivery online to the offices, banks and home delivery to the nearby places. The business grew with the networking she had while previously working with banks and soon the business exploded. 
After five months, this online business turned into a physical store at Bhimsengola. The place is neatly designed, small yet cozy and her warming smile lightens up the entire ambience.  It can fit in anywhere between five to six people and serves a couple of dozen items, with highest selling being MoMo. The restaurant also focuses on the Newari items as she comes from the Newari background. The other items in the menu are Choila, Bara, Aloo sadeko, Sausage and Yomari. Place gets mostly crowded during evening time and it’s mostly take away that are in priority. 

Because of the quality in Momo, more demands are coming from banks and nearby offices. With the increase in demands from the customers for delivery to the office areas, she has two staff kept in the restaurant. But still she is having a challenge because of small area. However, she feels satisfied that she is able to sustain the restaurant which has rent of Rs. 9,000 without having to bear the loss, paying salary to the staff members and saving some profits as well. And we were happy to know that she is thinking of expanding her business in spacious place nearby.  

Even though she had no experienced in this field and she was alone when she started her business with little to no support and lots of determination and belief that she could resolve such circumstances. Her story inspires that in order to start the business solving the societies problem can be major step. This is the story of Amita who turned a banker to a business owner and now provides job to three other people. 


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