Terms and Condition
IEBC, Bizonomics

Terms and Condition

  1. The organizers are not liable for any damage or other losses, including property losses, or personal injury that may occur during the event.
  2. Participants will be liable for their own safety and belongings. The participants shall bear the risk of damage or loss for exhibit objects including personal property brought into the event rooms / hotel, travel.
  3. The event committee reserves the right to shorten or lengthen the event as per convenience. Participants should be on call-time according to the schedule and follow it. In case of failure to do so, organizers are not liable for any losses that might occur to participants.
  4. Registration fees should be paid 20 days prior to the event. [December 12, 2019 (for Nepali Delegates)]. Once the payment is made, only 50 % of refunds shall be provided if given proper reason to delegate is no more willing to take part.  
  5. The participants are obligated to pay for the additional services which they order from hotel or outside and is not included in the event’s schedule.
  6. The organizing team is only liable for participants’ travel, accommodation, event material and moral as well as ethical support during the event.
  7. Participants must respect the personal space of other participants in the tenure of the event.

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