IEBC - Chitlang

“Investment and Economics Bootcamp” was sucessfully completed on June 22, 2019 with 34 participants in Chitlang Organic Resort, Chitlang.

The bootcamp focused on the current situation of the investment in capital market followed up by further possibilities of investment in other sectors.

 The 2 day camp discussed about the impact of investment in Nepal stock market. Expert investors discussed about how media & different source of information influences the stock market.

During the program, Nanda Hari Sharma, former executive head of Civil Investment Fund, gave presentation on the various aspects & areas of investment.

Rukmagat Kafle, stock analyst also talked about the current situation, issues that needs to be taken in account when investing and the overall development of stock market.

Chiranjibi Bhattari, desk reporter at AV News who is also the business news presentor wrapped up with how media can effect the investing environment. 

Teenage Society of Nepal and Bizonomics organized the camp, it was supported by King's College and Nepal International Finance Centre meanwhile was official media partner.


Rukmagat Kafle

Stock Analyst Nepal International Finance Center

Chiranjibi Bhattarai

Business Desk Editor News 24

Nandan Hari Sharma

Executive Chairman National Investment and Capital Limited

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