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Investment and Economics Boot camp (IEBC)II was successfully held on 27th -28th Bhadra, 2076, at Lakeside Pokhara in the Nepal Tourism Board's hall. It took place from 11:00 am; 3:30 pm on the both days. The event was organized by Bizonomics and co-organized by Teenage Society Nepal and Dream House. IEBC is an event about identifying and exploring various investment opportunities available in Nepal and stepping up globally. Economics is the also another theme of the event where focus is on helping participants realize the daily life economics and how it has impacted them, how to take better decisions financially that are economically worth it and how to contribute to the economy of the nation, one step at a time. IEBC is done throughout the Nepal with the objective to increase financial literacy. There is still limited number of people from the urban and semi-urban areas that are known to investment opportunities such as stock market, startups, real-state and many more. We aim to spread this literacy in each and every nooks and corners of the country. The event was fruitful where the participants were mostly from +2 and Bachelors, the event didn't only involve theoretical lectures but it also included practical application of the concepts. Team from E-satya had a session about blockchain, where they segmented teams for finding out the application of blockchain in real life and give presentation based on the concepts. Live trading practice was done among the participants so that the activity would clear out the concept of economics, which was presented by Sujal Dangal, who was a representative from King's College which helped the event by being Educational Partner for the event. Other concepts regarding the influence of media and stock market was presented by Chirangibi Bhattarai and Rukmangat Kaphle respectively. After the event was over, ceremony session was conducted to congratulate the participants, speakers, organizers and volunteers. The event had a media coverage in glocal khabar and bank ko khabar which showed about the pre-event and post-event report Nepal Tourism Board were the venue partners, whereas the bootcamp was supported by Lincoln Educational Consultancy and Emerald Education Consultancy, travel partners Arizona Travel @ Adventure, Technical partner Optimum Tech, education partner King's College and Media partner Glocal Khabar.


Rukmagat Kafle

Chairman Nepal International Finance Center

Chiranjibi Bhattarai

Business News Desk Editor News 24

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